I was conceived after an art show, and born in Missouri of the United States. The surname of Dawson is known for being a humble line of artisans and craftspeople, who love working with their hands and the earth. If you have seen the movie Titanic, the characters of Jack & Rose Dawson are an excellent personification of the Dawson Legacy.

My journey started with the discovery of my passion for organic gardening on a small organic farm. This led me to earning my Master Herbalist certification in the study of whole food nutrition, horticulture, and herbal medicine.

This was in my teen years. Years later I would come to learn that I was injured by the vaccines I had, and ritalin I was put on at age 9. I knew something was wrong as a boy, and that there had to be a way to heal from allergies, eczema, asthma, gastritis, and ADHD. Now I know from doing research and backtracking, there was a missed direct correlation with my ADHD, loss of vision to nearsightedness, and auto-immune diseases being diagnosed right after I had all my vaccines. Then my pediatrician committed suicide shortly after this.

I started my first business providing health education services in San Diego, California. About 8 years into that, I discovered I had trauma from incest, abuse, and neglect. From there I moved to Southern Oregon to pursue psycho-emotional healing. After beginning my journey in this, intense memory recall and flashbacks started surfacing. At that time I knew I needed to stop helping people and help myself.

I started my second business providing organic gardening and consulting services in Ashland, Oregon. While serving in this role, I deepened my studies on the psycho-emotional aspects of health. This is also where I discovered my love for business excellence. I woke up to seeing and experiencing how many people and organizations pander to political correctness and sucking, instead of doing the right thing and providing end-to-end excellence in work and service to their customers.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with PTSD, and went down a dark road of binge drinking and prescription meds. I developed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis from toxic black mold exposure, and many years of gluttony and abuse to try and get away from the flashbacks and the challenges of PTSD and auto-immune disease.

This led me to move to the Arizona desert, to help my body get the mold out and start a new life. From here I started this third business combining the three areas I love into a Triforce. Yeah… Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game of all time!

I have been committed to holistic health, business excellence, and land stewardship for over 20+ years now. Through supporting my body, it has healed from many things the doctors told me I would never heal from without surgery and drugs. I am living proof that the body, mind, and spirit has the ability to heal itself when the root cause of a problem is identified, and the right support, care, and practices are put into place. I found the same thing to be true for plant and soil stewardship.

At this stage starting up, I got this basic site up, to get going and put myself out there. I invite you to schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation if you would like to learn more about me, and what I can do for you. 

This is a traditional and real time way to establish trust, competence, and interview/vet me to confirm that I’m the right fit to meet your needs.