“James is like a gardening samurai!  Just beautiful work. He fixed up the drip irrigation system across our property, did extensive work to amend our soil and set us up for planting, and did it all with zero hassle or inconvenience. Highly recommend James.”

Jonathan R

“James knows what he is doing. He knows the proper way to prune and care for plants, and he even figured out why my chestnut tree was dying — and fixed it. But what really sets him apart from everyone else is his thorough and professional nature. He asks a lot of questions to make sure he understands exactly what I want, and if he is ever unclear, he makes sure to clarify so there are never any surprises. Most service providers don’t think to do this, and it’s the source of a lot of disappointment. I know I can count on him to make sure I’m happy with the work done and see things through to completion.”

Sara L

I have had a consistently excellent experience working with James. He has coached me through many decisions and challenges, and I’m grateful to have had the benefit and value he provides with his expertise. James is very knowledgeable, and always seems to have well researched and vetted information to share.”


“My son helped me to find someone to clean up my yards, front and back. We both agreed to hire James, and I feel he has done a fantastic job. My backyard now looks like a park and feels awesome! He did a wonderful job of trimming my trees and cleaning my berry bushes so I can get into them without getting so scratched. Not only did he prune all the trees and bushes, but he also hauled everything away and cleaned up each day. He even helped me by cleaning my gutters, thus preparing my home for the winter. I would definitely recommend James for his hard work and for his integrity.”


“We hired James after finding his ad and card at a local hardware store bulletin
board. We came to appreciate how knowledgeable he is regarding soil and plants. We have 1/3 acre plot with a lot of unkempt vegetation including a large dead spruce tree. We asked James to help us determine what was worth saving and what needed removing; as we walked the property, we determined, based on his observations, what we could do ourselves and what we would need him to do. James is very personable and a very good listener; he is not shy about asking for clarification if he is not sure what you intend. James worked quickly and efficiently and the work was done promptly. We look forward to working with him again.”

Jim C

“James worked wonders on our garden. We hired him to do a clean-up, weeding, plant care, and pruning in our overgrown garden infested with vinca. It’s not an easy garden – consisting of several beds surrounded by large field stones with gravel paths running through it. He also groomed the entire front of the property, including a small fenced garden at the side of the house.

Before beginning James took careful notes, clarified murky issues, and then went to work. He is fast, careful, neat, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to have around. We were especially impressed with his precise separation of weedy growth from plants we wanted to keep. For example, a patch of sweet woodruff had been nearly obscured by henbit and he managed to extract the weed and leave the sweet woodruff.

James preserved the informal feel of the beds and paths, carefully grooming them clearing out dead wood and weeds, and opening up overgrown plants. His pruning expertise shows in every shrub and tree that he touched, and the garden looks fresh, neat and happy again. We are enjoying the garden in its tidy state very much!

Also, our garden is a bird sanctuary and it’s essential that it be kept free of toxins of all kinds, and that he accomplished his work without resorting to any chemicals. We couldn’t be more pleased and recommend him without reservation.”

Harry & Kate F

“James is an enthusiastic and expert gardener. He did an extensive pruning and cleanup of my front and back yards that completely transformed them. I appreciate that he checked in with me regularly about how things were progressing, and was always willing to identify plants and advise me about taking care of them. I feel inspired and empowered to garden myself, or to consult James again for more garden care as needed. Meet with James for a consultation and you’ll see right away that he loves what he does, and also brings a perfect blend of energy and knowledge to his profession.”

Lisa W

“Our yard had a hard, wet winter! James was professional from beginning to end of our initial clean up project. He took complete initial notes, responded in a timely manner with an estimate and his work was thoughtful, on time and complete. Once the weeds were gone and we could see the shape of the garden, James was able to suggest future possibilities. He knows local plants, soil, and weather and I look forward to his future help and guidance moving through the seasons.”

Patrice T

“What a delight – we can see our backyard and actually garden in it now!

James worked tirelessly for two days removing and pruning an urban jungle in our back yard. He took great care to consider all the irrigation lines when he dug into the ground, and all our grasses and shrubs were removed quickly and skillfully. The grape vine that had a stranglehold on our Lilac, the side fence, and the neighbor’s trees was pruned into a work of art!

Enthusiastic about plants and soil, and generous with his knowledge, his advice helped me make all the right decisions. He was respectful of our property and our neighbor’s. He worked in a consistent, systematic, and efficient manner. All debris was continually contained and removed throughout the project. 

If you enjoy doing your own gardening, but need help with the heavy lifting and continued maintenance, James is your man. Oregon Ground Works is a thorough high-quality service provider – always on time and on budget, and has our heartfelt thanks and appreciation!”

Alan & Mary C

“I’ve been working with James since 2016. He’s been one of the main people who has helped revive the garden around my 25-year-old home. James has a strong work ethic and is very professional in both the way he writes up his bids before projects, and then follows through completely with everything he’s agreed to do.

The icing on the cake for me is that James really has an artist’s eye when it comes to pruning. Even with overgrown bushes that other gardeners write off and feel should just be removed, James sees something worth saving and goes to work on them. With his care and patience, a beautiful bush emerges that suddenly becomes a focal point in your garden. I’ve worked with a number of gardeners in the last couple years, but James is one of only a few whom I call on again and again when I want things done well and done right.”

Susan H

“I can highly recommend Oregon Ground Works. My labor intensive work was handled extremely professionally and with great care and diligence. James’s expertise is excellent, and communication about the project and follow-up were exemplary. Thanks for such a great job!”

Cheryl B

“We can look out the window and not feel stressed or overwhelmed, and are enjoying our little therapy garden again. We’ll call you for our future projects, and make sure we get you on the Millpond preferred list that the neighborhood association keeps. And thank you for finding our little sword fern!”

Henry & Annette B

“You are such a responsible and together businessman and gardener. I will be sure to recommend you.”

Shoshana A

“I was lucky enough to find James pruning my neighbor’s Persimmon tree. On seeing his work, and liking what I saw, I asked if he would be interested in pruning my wisteria.

He did an excellent job, and from there I had him prune my roses, fertilize and amend them. I also had him prune my hedges and prune my Crab-apple tree because it needed a good prune since it had not been touched in 18 years.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending James for all your garden needs. I found him to work very efficiently and always on time. He kept me well informed and listened to my needs.”

Carol W

“James and his crew member worked very efficiently in removing a large section of blackberry roots from my yard. They also did an excellent job of cleaning up following this work, which I believe is particularly important in blackberry work.

James gave me an estimate with a high and low amount, and finished the work within his estimate. I enjoyed having him work in my yard, and plan to use his services again.”

David B

“A friend recommended your business, and I was impressed with your prompt response to my phone call. James cleaned up my front yard, which had been sadly neglected over the past few years. He pulled out all the weeds, wild blackberries, dug up some old plants then replanted my entire garden. He also did some heavy pruning on an overgrown pampas grass plant.

Everything looks outstanding and I’m more than pleased with the results. James has a good eye for color/design, and I’ve received many compliments from the neighbors. James provides outstanding customer service, is reliable, hard working, and did an excellent job of cleaning up after he completed the job. Also, his prices are more than reasonable. Thanks for a job well done.”

Phyllis C

“I was extremely pleased with the work Oregon Ground Works did for my wife and I.  James is a hard worker and a real professional.  He is courteous, punctual, and has great communication skills.  I will definitely use Oregon Ground Works again in the future.”

Jack H

“James Dawson is a competent organic gardener, landscape maintenance professional and handyman. He is reliable, hardworking, and fair in his pricing. I recommend him highly.”

Jackie M

“I started using the services of James Dawson in the summer of 2012. I was anxious to find someone to help me rearrange my garage and move things around. I found James’s flyer on the bulletin board at Market of Choice. I was somewhat tentative calling someone off a bulletin board, and now I am very glad I took that chance! James was very punctual, very helpful, and very professional.

While chatting with James I discovered he has considerable experience with organic gardens. Late summer I hired James to plant an organic garden for us. He knew exactly what to do and then proceeded to do it very well. My wife and I had a marvelous first crop of assorted vegetables! I have since had James return to do more garden cleanup and I plan on having him trim my fruit trees.

I have been very happy with our working arrangement and will continue to rely on James to assist us with our organic garden.”

Ruben V

“James is organized, thorough, and reliable.  He finished a project in our yard on schedule, and right on budget; I found his work to be excellent and comprehensive. James is collaborative and strives to be client-centered, but his expertise is such that he offers consultation to help stage a project, and to maximize whatever aspect of your garden needs improvement.

I particularly appreciated how he checked in on progress, updated bids quickly and accurately, and was easy to be around. Working with James on our garden was an entirely positive experience. I would recommend him most highly for projects, large and small. Just a great worker with strong ethic and excellent customer service. Be sure to sign up for his e-mails. They are always useful and instructive. Thanks a lot!”

Leslie F

“I was initially impressed with James when I watched him undertake a project on a neighboring property. I subsequently hired him to help me with my yard and was very pleased with everything about the interaction. His ability to listen to what the client wants, take good notes, communicate clearly, and accomplish the work with care and thoughtfulness, are exceptional. His personal qualities of reliability and genuine desire to make the client happy, along with his experience and capacity to complete the work exactly as promised, set him apart. I will look forward to working with him again.”

Lenore S

“James is a thorough, detail oriented, efficient, and reliable worker. He was prompt and got a lot of work done in a timely manner at a very reasonable cost. I absolutely love what he did with my fruit trees, roses, and berries! I recommend James to all of my friends, and plan on hiring him for many more projects in the future.”

Pamela K

“James Dawson of Oregon Ground Works just finished taking out the grass in my fairly large back yard. He did this by hand so as not to harm the dirt underneath the sod. He worked non-stop for 6 days to finish, and the work was exceptional. I am so pleased. All along the project James kept me informed of his progress, and the reasons why he did a particular thing in a certain way in order to protect the trees and shrubs in my garden. He made it so our next step is to layer organic fertilizer, then dirt, so the ground will be perfect in the spring for flowers and vegetables. I plan to have James do all of my future yard and plant work. He is really extraordinary and I recommend him highly.”

Sandy J

“James’s work with my fruit trees resulted in a lot more fruit, less blight, and they were all a lot healthier this year! All of my fruit trees were bigger, better, and more. The Granny Smiths apples are juicy, mouth puckering, deliciously crispy apples! One of the best harvests I’ve ever had. Thank you James!!!”


“James does the nicest job I’ve ever experienced!  My plants are very happy.”

Kathleen F

“Leaving the Mount Shasta area for Ashland was very emotional, and having James help with the move was awesome.  He showed up when he said he would, worked his butt off, and was very careful with our furniture. I still don’t know how he and his helper got my very heavy dresser up the narrow stairs!  Thank you James for your brains and brawn!”

Stephanie H

“I was fortunate to run across an Oregon Ground Works business card at a local
retailer early last summer. I decided to give James a try and he quickly became my go-to guy for help in my yard and garden. I’ve called on him half a dozen or more times since then for help on projects from weeding and soil amendment to plant care and pruning and I have been very pleased with the results of his efforts. I am impressed not only with his skill level but also with his work ethic and dependability. I have no hesitation in recommending that you give Oregon Ground Works an opportunity to assist with your yard and garden needs. I believe you won’t be sorry!”

Kevin Zimmerman                                                                                                      Phoenix, Oregon

Passed away December 2016. Thank you for your legacy, for your business, and for supporting my work. I honor you, and may you rest in peace.