“I have had a consistently excellent experience working with James. He has coached me through many decisions and challenges, and I’m grateful to have had the benefit and value he provides with his expertise. James is very knowledgeable, and always seems to have well researched and vetted information to share.”


“My son helped me to find someone to clean up my yards, front and back. We both agreed to hire James, and I feel he has done a fantastic job. My backyard now looks like a park and feels awesome! He did a wonderful job of trimming my trees and cleaning my berry bushes so I can get into them without getting so scratched. Not only did he prune all the trees and bushes, but he also hauled everything away and cleaned up each day. He even helped me by cleaning my gutters, thus preparing my home for the winter. I would definitely recommend James for his hard work and for his integrity.”


“We hired James after finding his ad and card at a local hardware store bulletin
board. We came to appreciate how knowledgeable he is regarding soil and plants. We have 1/3 acre plot with a lot of unkempt vegetation including a large dead spruce tree. We asked James to help us determine what was worth saving and what needed removing; as we walked the property, we determined, based on his observations, what we could do ourselves and what we would need him to do. James is very personable and a very good listener; he is not shy about asking for clarification if he is not sure what you intend. James worked quickly and efficiently and the work was done promptly. We look forward to working with him again.”

-Jim C

“James worked wonders on our garden. We hired him to do a clean-up, weeding,
plant care, and pruning in our overgrown garden infested with vinca. It’s not an easy garden – consisting of several beds surrounded by large field stones with gravel paths running through it. He also groomed the entire front of the property, including a small fenced garden at the side of the house.

Before beginning James took careful notes, clarified murky issues, and then went to
work. He is fast, careful, neat, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to have around. We
were especially impressed with his precise separation of weedy growth from plants
we wanted to keep. For example, a patch of sweet woodruff had been nearly obscured by henbit and he managed to extract the weed and leave the sweet woodruff.

James preserved the informal feel of the beds and paths, carefully grooming them
clearing out dead wood and weeds, and opening up overgrown plants. His pruning
expertise shows in every shrub and tree that he touched, and the garden looks fresh, neat and happy again. We are enjoying the garden in its tidy state very much!

Also, our garden is a bird sanctuary and it’s essential that it be kept free of toxins of
all kinds, and that he accomplished his work without resorting to any chemicals. We couldn’t be more pleased and recommend him without reservation.”

-Harry & Kate F

“I was fortunate to run across an Oregon Ground Works business card at a local
retailer early last summer. I decided to give James a try and he quickly became my go-to guy for help in my yard and garden. I’ve called on him half a dozen or more times since then for help on projects from weeding and soil amendment to plant care and pruning and I have been very pleased with the results of his efforts. I am impressed not only with his skill level but also with his work ethic and dependability. I have no hesitation in recommending that you give Oregon Ground Works an opportunity to assist with your yard and garden needs. I believe you won’t be sorry!”

-Kevin Zimmerman

Passed away December 2016. Thank you for your legacy, for your business, and for supporting my legacy. I honor you, and may you rest in peace.